This directive lays down safety requirements and highlights particularly the prevention actions, the establishments inspection programmes, the urbanization and land-use planning in the surroundings of high-risk plants.

The aim of the directive is twofold:

  • avoid major accidents with dangerous substances;
  • limit the consequences of such accidents for individuals and the environment.

The prevention actions incorporated in the directive are, among others:

  • the control of the risks at source;
  • the establishments inspection programmes;
  • the urbanization and land-use planning control policies around high-risk plants;
  • the preventive information of the population;
  • the organisation of aid services;
  • ...

A European legislation translated into Belgian law

The Seveso III Directive, the Helsinki Convention on cross-border consequences, as well as the ILO Convention nr. 174 were transposed into Belgian law by the cooperation agreement of 16 februari 2016 between the Federal State, the Flemish Region, the Walloon Region, the Brussels Capital Region on “the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances”.