The Seveso risk

The Seveso risk


The major industrial risk is defined as an accidental event occurring on a Seveso site and which is  likely to have serious consequences for the population and the environment.

Accidents can occur inside the classified sites, but these are mostly minor accidents whose effects are felt inside the establishment. Sometimes, the accident can cause damage beyond the limits of the establishment and affect populations in the surroundings. It is then question of a major industrial accident.

A major industrial accident is an accident occurring in an industrial establishment with dangerous substances and whose consequences can lead to a serious danger to human health and/or the environment, whether immediately or over time, on-site or off-site.

There are various causes which can lead to an industrial accident:

  • system failure;
  • human error;
  • runaway reaction;
  • external cause;
  • malevolent action;
  • accident in an installation nearby.