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Safe design & use

At each new Seveso establishment, first thorough studies are carried out.

Various risk analyses are carried out prior to the design and operation, e.g. HAZOP studies (Hazard en Operability Studies) and safety studies. These studies will show the required safety measures. These safety measures must be introduced by companies. Inspections are performed as well to check that these measures are sufficiently efficient. 

A new Seveso establishment cannot obtain an environmental licence without first having these studies carried out. Existing Seveso establishments regularly repeat these studies, for instance in the framework of the licensing policy and corresponding inspections. 

Safe use

After a safe design, a Seveso establishment obviously has to be operated safely. Inspection and maintenance are fixed elements in this industry. 

The chemical industry takes the following initiatives:

  • exchange, combine and improve shared knowledge on health, safety and environmental management systems, across different companies and sectors 
  • organise topic-based workshops and experiences relating to specific elements
  • develop a common platform to share experiences from major incidents and near-accidents.