You can also contribute to your own safety. Getting information on the risks around you and the possible protection actions you can take, is already a first step.

On this website, you can find out about the Seveso risks and the possible presence of such a company in your surroundings. But you can also be exposed to other risks (flood, power failure,…).

For your safety and that of your family, it is useful to know how you can protect yourself, how you will be alerted, what you could need, what you should better not do,…

Therefore: 1) as for information – 2) make your own ‘plan’ -3) be prepared  

  • Identify the evacuation route(s) in your building or house;    
  • Teach it to your children;
  • Gather the useful things (torch, candles, matches,…);
  • Know where the extinguishers are located and learn how to use them;
  • Know how to cut electricity and gas;
  • Always keep enough canned food and water in stock;
  • Make agreements with neighbours in need;