Being prepared

Soyez prêts


But you can also have some responsibility:

  • First of all make sure you are safe. As far as possible, you can help other people as long as you do not compromise your own safety; solidarity and autonomy are important factors when facing an emergency situation;
  • See to it that you can always the information (also in case of a power failure);
  • Do not call the emergency services unnecessarily (so as not to slow down the urgent help unnecessarily);
  • You want to let your family know that you are fine? Use preferably SMS, Twitter or Facebook instead of calling, so as to avoid overloading the communication networks;
  • Make sure you always have enough food and drinks, something to keep your children busy or if you must shelter: clothes/warm blankets, a torch,…
  • See to it that you can quickly gather the bare necessities: identity card, money,…
  • According to your own situation (the composition of your family, your health,…), you will perhaps need other things, such as medication, useful phone numbers,…